About Us

About the company

B&S Books specialises in the publishing and distributing a range of books for diversional therapists and leisure and lifestyle staff.  Our catalogue includes books about leisure programming, leisure activities, working with people with dementia and other groups of people with specific needs, books for professional development and documentation.  We are always expanding our range of books and support the distribution of self published books with Australian authors in our area of speciality.  If there is a book you are finding hard to locate let us know and we will see if we can source it for you.

B&S Books is owned and managed by Jacqueline Quirke and Gabrielle Koop.  It was originally established by Wendy Butler and Margaret Stephens – hence the B&S – and was based around the “Never Too Old to Learn’ series and ‘Never Too Old for Fun”, all of which have been best sellers in both Australia and New Zealand.

B&S Books has a number of its own publications including:

  • Starting Points for Activities and Programs / Books 1 & 2
  • The Quiz Book series
    • Quiz Book 1: Use it or lose it
    • Quiz Book 2: Baby Boomers
    • Quiz Book 3: Brain Boosters
  • Never Too Old to Learn Series (Books 1-5)
  • Never Too Old for Fun (out of print)

About the owners

Jacqueline Quirke

Master of Community Health; Graduate Diploma of Health;  Diploma in Applied Science (Diversional Therapy); Certificate IV in Assessment  and Workplace Training.

Jacqueline has worked within the diversional therapy profession as a practitioner, educator and consultant for over 18 years. 

Following graduation from the University of Sydney, Jacqueline worked for six years managing the diversional therapy services at Blacktown Hospital.  Her experience includes service provision in the Rehabilitation, Paediatrics, Community Outreach, and general hospital areas on a referral basis. Upon completion of her Masters degree, Jacqueline joined the University of Sydney as a Lecturer and worked there from 1996-2001 teaching on the Bachelor of Applied Science (Leisure and Health) course. 

During 2001 Jacqueline was actively involved in the first round of the Residential Aged Care Accreditation as an Aged Care Quality Assessor and in 2003 became a member of the higher awards panel for the National Office of the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency.  From 2000-2009 Jacqueline was a director of Redleaf College of Professional Education offering two courses (Certificate IV and Diploma in Diversional Therapy) via distance education. 

Jacqueline continues to offer education to diversional therapists and those interested in leisure and lifestyle issues through her company “Redleaf Training and Consultancy”. 
Jacqueline is the a Past President of The Diversional Therapy Association of New South Wales, was a New South Wales representative on the Diversional Therapy Association of Australia National Council Education Committee and the editor of the monthly Diversional Therapy Association Newsletter from 1997 - 2005. 

Jacqueline is also the co-author of two diversional therapy manuals and two programming and activity books (Starting Points for Programs and Activities / Books 1 & 2) and was a finalist in the Young Business Women’s Category in the 2001 Telstra New South Wales Business Women’s Award.

Dr Gabrielle Koop

PhD (University of Western Sydney)
Master of Arts (Macquarie University); Bachelor of Arts (Macquarie University)
Certificate in Teaching (Sydney Teachers College)
Diploma of Training and Assessment Systems
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Gabrielle has many years experience in education and training and started her career as a teacher and has taught at school, TAFE and University (undergraduate and postgraduate) levels.  She has a PhD in education and her research focused on the education and assessment of adult learners.  Gabrielle also has a Masters in Education and Work. 

From 1991-2000 she was involved in the development and co-ordination of the Bachelor of Applied Science (Leisure and Health) at the University of Sydney and from 2000 – 2009 Gabrielle was a director of Redleaf College of Professional Education. 

Gabrielle is committed to the advancement of diversional therapy through professional development and workplace education and training.  Her work as an aged care quality assessor has provided her with many insights into the professional role of diversional therapists and the needs of their clients.

Gabrielle is the co-author of two books ~ Starting Points for Programs and Activities / Books 1 & 2 and the author of the Quiz Series of books (Quiz Book 1: Use it or lose it; Quiz Book 2: Baby Boomers; Quiz Book 3: Brain Boosters).